1 for 1: Seven Bays paying it forward

Dear community members,

Things have changed drastically for everyone in the last week. And we’ve come to realize that members of our own community will be hit hard by the financial impact of this epidemic. So we’ve decided that when we reopen the gym, for every month of membership that is kept active during the closure, we will offer 1 month of membership to a member who has found themselves in difficult times because of the covid-19 pandemic.

To those who filled in the form last week, we are humbled and we are grateful for this gesture and they will be included in the count! It’s these acts of kindness and support that have inspired us to make sure to pay it forward. 


You can still support Seven Bays by filling out this form to keep your membership active.


Your help will ensure that Seven Bays can weather the storm and that it is still here for its community of climbers and employees once this is all over.

And if you are looking for another way to help, please consider purchasing a gift certificate, which we’ll be happy to redeem for services once we reopen!

We’re all in this together. Be safe, stay home. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. We will pay it forward.


The Seven Bays team




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