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Frequently Asked Questions

Bouldering is a very challenging and exciting workout, not only physically, but also mentally. Bouldering involves a certain amount of problem solving when approaching a new route. With every wall reset, climbers are put to a brand new test, week after week. 

Bouldering does not require the use of ropes or harnesses. Our walls, here at Seven Bays, are 13 ft high with abundant padding. You can choose to either jump down or downclimb. 

It's a great workout that offers the climber continuous change

Climbing shoes and chalk are recommended. If you don’t already have your own, both are available for rent or purchase.

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We have a few parking spaces out front but street parking is also available.

Seven Bays Bouldering is geared towards a teenage to adult client base. However, children under 14 are always welcome provided they are accompanied and closely supervised by an adult. Seven Bays is a place where everyone is welcome to learn about and practice bouldering, and be a part of our community. We currently do not have a kids' climbing program, or plans for one. With our space, we are unable to host kids' parties.

PLEASE NOTE: we require the supervision of one adult per two youth climbers

On their first visit, every climber must sign a waiver before bouldering. A PARENT or GUARDIAN must sign on behalf of children 17 and under. 

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