Looking to take your climbing to the next level? We've got you covered, whether that's one on one coaching sessions, bundle options or a structured training plan. Let us know what your goals are and we'll help you get there.

Each of our coaches have different experiences and backgrounds. Read their bios and pick the coach that works best for you. Send your selected coach an email to book a training session!




Lindsey offers personal coaching and the 90 day training program. If you’re looking to take a strength based approach to improve your climbing, email Lindsey at

Lindsey grew up competing in gymnastics and later became a circus performer.

Ultimately, through these experiences she determined her true passion in fitness and nutrition, eventually following her interests by studying Nutrition and Kinesiology at Acadia University.

She coached CrossFit for two years in Ontario and has been personal training for the past two years. Lindsey has been an avid climber since 2020 and started working at Seven Bays in the fall of 2021. Currently, leading multiple recreational climbing classes throughout the week as well as some of the 101 workshops, her specialties are in the field of functional fitness, calisthenics training, weightlifting and nutrition.


Paul offers personal coaching sessions based on movement and technique for intermediate to advanced climbers. If you’re looking to improve your skills on the wall, email Paul at

Paul Denzler is the General Manager and Head Setter at SBB and has been climbing since 2009. Over the years, Paul has gained experience in training both competitively and recreationally for climbing. He has explored many world class bouldering destinations across North America and has climbed at many leading gyms across the world.  

His past 14 years of climbing experience gives him a unique perspective regarding training and climbing technique. 

If climbing is your main focus and you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, Paul would be a great option for personal coaching.


With her extensive coaching experience, Dominique offers technique based personal coaching. Dominique can be contacted at

Dominique has been coaching sport in different capacities for over 13 years. Past and present experiences include coaching competitive and recreational youth, top rope and lead instruction, routesetting and personal coaching. Her personal experience in sport has shaped her passion for fostering personal growth in her athletes at all levels of development.

As a coach, she can help you identify and set a path in motion towards your goals, whether that might be getting more comfortable on the wall, competing at that next big comp, or working on movement. She has experience in a variety of coaching capacities including: movement and technique, fear management, competition tactics, climbing training basics and more.

She believes that everyone's climbing path will look different, meaning that an individual approach that is sustainable is always best.

Over the past 10 years of her climbing, Dominique has traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe, exploring all different types of rock and styles. When she isn't full crimping, you can find her running the Youth Programming at Seven Bays.



David offers personal coaching and can be reached at If you’re looking for a coach who is passionate about climbing and has enough stoke for a thousand lifetimes, David is your guy. 

David Arrigo found climbing nearly a decade ago. As soon as he took the “Bouldering 101” course at his local gym in Vancouver, he knew he was hooked. 

He’s spent the last 4 years working in climbing gyms on both Canadian coasts (try to guess which coast is his favorite) as an instructor and a route setter. By working in multiple gyms and coaching all levels of climbing, he’s developed a keen eye for the needs of each person he works with. David’s aim is to help his clients achieve their goals, whatever they happen to be. He’s just as excited about creating long-term training plans as he is about one-time technique sessions. Whether you’re looking to feel stronger on the wall, become a more confident climber, or move more like a pro, he’s stoked to help you get there. 

With David, your coaching sessions will not only be focused and intentional, but also light-hearted and fun. He’s often spotted cracking jokes, giving out fist bumps, and helping find new beta, all while hyping up his clients on their projects.


If you’re looking for a well balanced fitness approach to climbing, Leanne is your coach. She offers personal coaching and can be contacted at

Leanne has been training and working in fitness for most of her life. She was a competitive gymnast before moving to Halifax in 2012, and quickly took to climbing when Seven Bays first opened in 2015. She studied and received her CanfitPro certification in 2017 and has been working in the Seven Bays community as an ambassador and a trainer for group workouts as well as one-on-one training ever since. 

Her experience lies in developing programs that improve athleticism, and helping her clients meet fitness goals in a sustainable and fun way. Climbing is a physically demanding sport that requires both niche training (hangboarding, campus training, etc.) as well as a holistic approach to strength training to prevent injury. Leanne loves climbing, but she REALLY loves training for climbing. If you’re looking to take your climbing to the next level, or you’re interested in exploring new ways to challenge your body, Leanne can help you achieve your goals.


Rachel offers personal coaching and the 90-day training program and can be contacted at

She takes a holistic approach to training rooted in exercise science and has prior experience as a national-level competitive gymnast, gymnastics coach, and certified personal trainer.

Rachel began climbing in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the sport and community. A few years into her climbing pursuits she sustained a severe shoulder injury requiring surgery and extensive rehab. Returning to climbing after her injury was an extremely difficult process but it ultimately led her to see the impact a comprehensive and holistic training program can have on an athlete’s progression and longevity in sport.

Rachel incorporates what she has learned through her personal experiences as an athlete, coach, and trainer to create individualized climbing programs tailored to meet everyone’s unique needs and goals. She has experience participating in climbing competitions and is an avid outdoor boulderer. She enjoys working with climbers of all ages and abilities and is especially passionate about helping climbers train for their outdoor climbing goals.

Rachel is also a registered physiotherapist and offers physiotherapy assessments and treatments at Seven Bays:

Physiotherapy at Seven Bays:

Physiotherapy at Scotia Physio:

Please feel free to reach out to Rachel with any questions about coaching services, or for details about climbing-specific physiotherapy.



Our personal coaching program is designed to help individuals set goals and build up their climbing skills. Whether it’s through strength training or focusing on climbing movement, our coaches can help guide you towards your goals.


Our team will work with you to book a time that works with your schedule. Personal coaching sessions are available for all climbing levels.


Read our coach bios and pick the one that works for you! 


  • Personalized coaching session of 60min
  • $65 + tax (+ $10 for an additional participant)
  • Maximum of 2 participants


5 Personal Coaching Bundle

  • 5 personalized coaching sessions of 60min
  • $300 + tax (+ $50 for an additional participant)
  • Maximum of 2 participants

10 Personal Coaching Bundle

  • 10 personalized coaching sessions of 60min
  • $550 + tax (+ $100 for an additional participant)
  • Maximum of 2 participants


The 90 day training program is a personal program tailored to your specific needs in order to complement your climbing with strength training. This 3 month program includes an analysis session to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, 4 coached training sessions and a comprehensive training program. This program also offers email communication with your coach to answer any questions about your training program. Our coaches will work with you to book a time that works with your schedule. Personal coaching sessions are available for all climbing levels. 

  • Personalized assessment + training plan
  • Includes 5 coaching session through out the training plan
  • $375 + tax