Progression Sessions

We’re launching the PROGRESSION SESSIONS! A six week long competition series starting September 26th to November 6th with a wrap up party on November 11th!

Make sure to register before September 22nd to get your limited edition Progression Session T-shirt.

Cost: $35 + tax


Here’s how it works:

20 new boulders will be set every Tuesday, alternating between each location. Each reset will be double the usual size. Boulders will be numbered randomly between 1 and 20 and will not be color graded. Each climb is worth one point. 

The goal is to climb as many boulders as possible during each given week. Keep track of your points with the scorecards provided by staff and make sure to hand them in the following Monday. Scorecards will be totaled at the end of every week!  

Your final score will be based on your best 4 out of 6 weeks, if you have a low scoring week or are away, no problemo. The winners of each category will be announced during the wrap up party on November 11th! 

Self select your categories as either Beginner (yellow, orange and green Climbers), Intermediate (Blue, Purple and Red Climbers) or Expert (black and pink climbers). Each Category will also be divided into Men, Women and Non-Binary. 

We have a ton of prizes lined up for participants and the winners of each category! Register through the link in our bio, through our website or in person at either location.

Let’s get it.

Register now!