SEVEN BAYS is Halifax's premier bouldering gym and the sister gym to the Allez Up climbing facility in Montreal. Our Bayers Lake gym is the newest Seven Bays Bouldering location: 12 000 sq ft of the best bouldering in Halifax and a complete physical training facility. 

Bouldering is as much about the people you meet as it is about the climbing itself. We put together an amazing team of dedicated climbers so you can always count on the Seven Bays energy. We are about the outdoors, good vibes and community. We are committed to staying connected and involved with our community.



We believe a bouldering wall is only as good as what you put on it. Seven Bays has fresh boulders every week, a wide selection of holds from around the world, and a ton of volumes to keep the climbing fresh and exciting.  Climbing is a complete workout: physical and mental! It keeps you focused, thinking and sweating!

And for those who want extra challenges, Seven Bays hosts a multitude of comps every year, including Tour de Bloc, Dyno Comp and its very own North Send. 


If you want to complement your climbing with additional training, either for strength building or for injury prevention, we're here for you! We offer a complete fitness training facility! Equipped with weights, chin up bars, a campus board as well as a Kilter Board, it is a perfect place for your warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as all your complementary strength training.



Want to grab a drink or some food after your climb? Check out our café! We offer lots of seating space where people can work, study or wait for their kids.

We offer a selection of great coffee, bright smoothies, and snacks.